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The Introduction Of Advantages Of SPC Flooring

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Today is an era of sustainable development. New materials and new energy are emerging. SPC Flooring is the only floor decoration material that can be recycled. This is of great significance to protect our planet’s natural resources and ecological environment. SPC flooring is a new environmentally-friendly floor developed based on high technology, featuring zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fireproof, insect proof and simple installation.

SPC flooring is an economical floor material that allows consumers to enjoy the texture of wood or stone while not being disturbed by noise. Has the following advantages

SPC Flooring

1. Green and environmental protection

The main raw material of SPC flooring is PVC resin, environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources. Any qualified SPC floor needs to pass IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental certification.

2. Super wear resistant

The surface of SPC floor has a special transparent wear layer which is processed by high-tech. The wear layer of SPC floor surface can be used for more than 15 years under normal conditions, so it is in hospitals, schools and office buildings with large traffic. SPC floors are becoming more and more popular in shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and otherplaces.

3. Super anti-slip

The wear-resistant layer of the SPC floor has a special anti-slip property, and compared with the ordinary floor material, the floor feels more sturdy when it is wet, and it is less likely to fall, that is, the more the water is smashed.

4. Waterproof, moisture proof, antibacterial and mildewproof

SPC floors do not mold due to high humidity. The surface of the floor has been treated with special antibacterial and anti-fouling treatment, which has strong killing ability for most bacteria and inhibits the ability of bacteria to multiply.

5. Sound absorption and noise prevention

The SPC floor has a sound-absorbing effect that cannot be compared with ordinary floor materials. It can absorb sounds up to 20 decibels and requires a quiet environment (such as a hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc.) to purchase SPC flooring.

6. Cutting and splicing is simple and easy, paving is simple

The SPC floor has a lock on all four sides, and the glue-free installation is more environmentally friendly. Compared to the floor tiles, the floor does not require cement (the cost of manual paving is also much cheaper). When installing, just lock the locks together to form a precise bite. It is an Easy Installation SPC Flooring.

7. Thermal conductivity and warmth

SPC flooring has high quality and stable physical properties. The thermal conductivity is good, the heat dissipation is uniform, and the home heating will not expand and deform. The floor is the first choice for home improvement floor heating and heating flooring in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

8. Easy maintenance

The maintenance of the SPC floor is very convenient, and the floor is dirty and wiped with a mop. If you want to keep the floor lasting, you only need to do regular waxing maintenance, which is much lower than other floors.

9. International popularity

SPC flooring is a new type of floor decoration material widely used in various countries in the world. It is popular in the European and American markets and the Asia-Pacific market. It is also very popular in China and has a broad development prospect.


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