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SPC Floor Introduction

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First,Structural principle of SPC floor

SPC is the abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composites. The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin. The SPC substrate is extruded by an extruder combined with a T-die. The three-roller or four-roller calender is used to wear PVC. The layer, PVC color film and SPC base material are formed by heating and laminating and embossing at one time, and no glue is used in the production process.

Second, the special features of SPC floor

1. Green and environmental protection SPC floor is a new type of floor material in response to national emission reduction. The main raw material of spc floor is polyvinyl chloride resin, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources. It is 100% free of formaldehyde, lead, benzene, no heavy metals and Carcinogen, no soluble volatiles, no radiation, truly natural and environmentally friendly. The spc floor is a reusable ground material, which is of great significance for protecting our earth's natural resources and ecological environment.

2.Waterproof and moisture proof, mothproof, fireproof, non-deformable, non-foaming, and not moldy. The main components of SPC floor are composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. It will deform and foam, or mildew due to high humidity, or deformation due to changes in temperature. Mothproof and termite-proof, effectively prevent insect harassment and prolong service life. The material of SPC floor is natural flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches B1 level. It will self-extinguish in case of fire, flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases. So many public spaces, kitchens, toilets, and basements now use SPC flooring for this reason.

3. Non-slip, flexible, and good foot feeling. The surface layer of SPC floor is processed by PUR crystal shield special process, the surface insulation performance is good, and it will not be cold when stepped on, and the foot feel is more comfortable. The floor substrate is added with a flexible rebound technology layer. It has good flexibility and resilience. It can be bent 90 degrees repeatedly. There is no problem. You can rest on it without worrying about falling pain. Nanofibers feel more astringent when wet, and the friction will become greater. So no matter what shoes you wear, you can achieve good anti-skid performance.  

4. Super abrasion resistance The abrasion resistance layer on the surface of the SPC floor is a transparent abrasion resistance layer processed by high technology, and its abrasion resistance can reach about 10,000 revolutions. According to the thickness of the wear-resistant layer, the service life of spc floor is more than 10-50 years.

5. Sound absorption, noise prevention and high temperature resistance SPC floor has the sound absorption effect that ordinary floor materials can not compare with, its sound absorption performance can reach 15-19dB, which makes indoor energy saving up to more than 30% and high temperature resistance (80 ° C) and low temperature resistance (-20 ° C).

6. Antibacterial SPC floor has certain antibacterial properties, antibacterial agents are added during the production process, which has a strong ability to kill most bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, so the environment with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection such as hospital surgery SPC floors such as rooms are the most ideal choice.

7. Suitable for floor heating, heat preservation and energy saving, no harmful gases. The SPC floor stone rock powder substrate layer is like mineral rock, has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, and is very suitable for floor heating. After reaching a certain temperature, the heat release is even. . Its base material has a flexible rebound layer, and the wear-resistant layer on the surface can achieve effective heat insulation. The SPC floor itself does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances, and it will not release formaldehyde and harmful gases when exposed to heat.

8. No deformation, easy to clean The SPC floor is not cracked, swelled or deformed, no repair and maintenance is required, it is easy to clean, and the cost of later repairs and maintenance is saved.

9. Variety of colors The colors of SPC floor are beautiful and diverse, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, hand-grain pattern, pattern pattern, mirror pattern, wooden floor pattern, etc., and can even be customized. The lines are realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, which can combine to create a beautiful decorative effect. A

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