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Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile

Standard size: 300*600/600*600/600*1200mm(Metric/Imperial Size Available
Edge: Square,Tegular,Concealed,Overlap
Thickness: 6.5~20/12~20mm
Different dimension can be made as required.


Introducing our high-quality Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile, designed to enhance indoor spaces with a touch of elegance and functionality. This product is specifically engineered for corporate offices, airports, restaurants, petrol pumps, and hotels, ensuring a professional and sophisticated ambiance.
One of the standout features of our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile is its exceptional sound absorption capabilities. With its finely crafted perforations, this ceiling tile effectively absorbs sound waves, reducing echo and noise pollution. Say goodbye to distracting background noise and hello to a peaceful and productive environment.
Additionally, our ceiling tile offers remarkable ceiling attenuation properties. By effectively blocking sound transmission between different areas, it ensures privacy and confidentiality in corporate offices and hotels. Enjoy undisturbed conversations and confidential meetings without worrying about sound leakage.
Noise reduction is another key advantage of our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile. Whether it's the bustling atmosphere of an airport or the constant activity of a petrol pump, this product effectively minimizes external noise, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere for occupants. Experience improved concentration, comfort, and overall well-being in your chosen space.
Furthermore, our ceiling tile boasts excellent mildew resistance. With its durable and moisture-resistant composition, it prevents the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment. This feature is particularly crucial in areas with high humidity or frequent exposure to moisture, such as restaurants and bathrooms.
Choose our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile for a professional and polished finish to your indoor spaces. With its sound absorption, ceiling attenuation, noise reduction, and mildew resistance capabilities, it is the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial settings. Elevate your surroundings and create a conducive atmosphere for productivity, relaxation, and customer satisfaction.

Designed to enhance the overall ambiance of your room, our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile boasts a unique perforated pattern that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The perforations not only contribute to the visual appeal but also serve a functional purpose by providing excellent sound absorption, reducing noise levels, and improving acoustics.

Constructed with high-quality mineral fibers, this ceiling tile ensures durability and longevity, making it a cost-effective investment for any project. Its sturdy composition guarantees resistance to sagging, warping, and other common ceiling issues, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing ceiling solution.

Easy installation is another standout feature of our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile. With its lightweight design and convenient dimensions, it can be effortlessly installed, saving both time and effort. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this ceiling tile offers hassle-free installation, allowing you to achieve a flawless ceiling finish in no time.

In addition to its exceptional performance and ease of installation, our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile is also environmentally friendly. Manufactured using sustainable materials and processes, it contributes to a healthier indoor environment by minimizing the release of harmful substances and promoting better air quality.

Choose our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile to elevate your space with a professional and polished look. With its remarkable features, including its visually appealing design, superior sound absorption, durability, easy installation, and eco-friendly nature, this ceiling tile is the perfect choice for any project. Experience the difference of a premium ceiling solution with our Perforated Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tile.






Extensively used for indoor ceilings in corporate offices, airports, restaurants, petrol pumps and hotels.


  1. Sound Absorption.

  2. Ceiling Attenuation.

  3. Noise Reduction.

  4. Mildew Resistance.

Technical Parameters


Unit Standard Value Test Value
Materials / /

Wet-Formed Mineral Fiber

Surface Finish / / Factory-Applied Vinyl Latex Paint


≤500 280-320
Water Content % ≤3 1
Moisture Deflection mm ≤3.5


(thickness 12-18mm



Wim-k ≤0.065 0.0475
Noise ReductionCoefficient(NRC) / / 0.48-0.66

Flexural Strength

N ≥50 196
Ceiling Articulation Class (CAC) dB / Minimum 30
Light Reflectance / / Minimum LR 0.80
Incombustibility Class GB6566-2001 Class A GB6566-2001 Class A

RH Performance

Relative Humidity up to 80%-90%

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