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Moistureproof Gypsum Board

Different dimension can be made as required.


Introducing our Moistureproof Gypsum Board, the perfect solution for all your moisture-related concerns. Designed with utmost precision and crafted to meet the highest industry standards, this product guarantees exceptional performance in moisture-proofing and offers a strong anti-mold function.

Our Moistureproof Gypsum Board is engineered to provide unparalleled protection against moisture, ensuring the longevity and durability of your walls and ceilings. With its superior moisture-proof performance, you can bid farewell to worries of water damage, dampness, and the detrimental effects of excessive humidity.

Not only does our Moistureproof Gypsum Board excel in moisture resistance, but it also boasts a robust anti-mold function. Mold growth can be a persistent problem in areas prone to moisture accumulation, leading to health hazards and structural damage. However, with our gypsum board, you can rest assured that mold growth will be significantly reduced, providing a safer and healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our Moistureproof Gypsum Board is a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into any residential or commercial space, offering a sleek and professional finish.

Choose our Moistureproof Gypsum Board and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your walls and ceilings are protected against moisture and mold. Invest in quality, invest in durability – choose our Moistureproof Gypsum Board today.




1.High Quality Gypsum Material.

2.Tenacious Paper Faces Protecting.

3.Convenience in Installation.

4.Widely Used in Partition and Suspension.

Technical Parameters

ltem Standard Value Test Value
Density(kg/m2) -
Thickness Regular Fire Resistant Water Resistant


9.5mm 7.5 7.5 9.2
>12kg/m2 12mm 9.5 9.5 11.5
Flexural Strength(N) Parallel </360 9.5mm 560
</500 12mm 700
Cross </140 9.5mm 180

</180 12mm 240
Surface Paper Sticking the Core Material Unexposed Unexposed
Stability(min) Fire Resistant </20 / / >20 /
Water Absorption(%) Water Resistant >/10 9.5mm / / 6.8
12mm / / 4.2
Radioactivity Internal IRa≤1.0 <0.1
Exteral Ir≤1.3 <0.1
Note Executive Standard:GBT 9775-2008

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